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The newsletter is irregularly, more or less annually, by whim & fancy, for the Avram Davidson Society, and is free to all who request it.
Selected topics from back issues are listed in the EPHEMERA section of the Website.

Archive of Back Issues

Volume I

Vol.I, No.1 
Vol.I, No.2 
Vol.I, No.3 
Vol.I, No.4 
Vol.I, No.5 
Vol.I, No.6 

Volume II

Vol.II, No.1
Vol.II, No.2
Vol.II, No.3
Vol.II, No.4
Vol.II, No.5
Vol.II, No.6

Volume III

Vol.III, No.1 
Vol.III, No.2 
Vol.III, No.3 
Vol.III, No.4 
Vol.III, No.5 
Vol.III, No.6

Volume IV

Vol.IV, No.1
Vol.IV, No.2-3
Vol.IV, No.4-5
Vol.IV, No.6


Volume V

Vol.V, No.1
Vol.V, No.2
Vol.V, No.3
Vol.V, No.4
Vol.V, No.5
Vol.V, No.6

Volume VI

Vol.VI, No.1
Vol.VI, No.2-4
Vol.VI, No.5
Vol.VI, No.6

Volume VII

Vol.VII, No.1
Vol.VII, No.2-3
Vol.VII, No.4-5
Vol.VII, No.6

Volume VIII
not published

Volume IX

Vol.IX, No.1

Volume X
not published

Volume XI

Vol.XI, No.1

Volume XII

Vol.XII, No.1

not published 2008-2009

Volume XIII

Vol. XIII, No. 1

not published 2011

Volume XIV

Vol. XIV, No. 1

Volume XV

Vol. XV, No. 1

Volume XVI

Vol. XVI, No. 1

not published 2015-2016

Volume XVII

Vol. XVII, No. 1

Volume XVIII

Vol. XVIII, No. 1

Volume XIX

Vol. XIX, No. 1

Volume XX

Vol.XX, No.1

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