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Vol. VII No. 6

25 March 2003

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OLD EARTH BOOKS and The Avram Davidson Society
are pleased to announce the publication by OLD EARTH BOOKS of
the collected Jack Limekiller stories by Avram Davidson, available
end of October 2003 at World Fantasy Convention in Washington, D.C.

Limekiller, edited by Grania Davis and Henry Wessells, will contain
all six of the Limekiller stories set in the British colony of British Hidalgo
in Central America:

1. Bloody Man
2. Silky Tree
3. Manatee Gal, Won't You Come Out Tonight
4. Sleep Well of Nights
5. Limekiller at Large
6. A Far Countrie

Gardner Dozois has observed, "the strange adventures of Jack Limekiller (as
yet uncollected, alas) must rank among the best short fantasies written by
anyone in the last ten or fifteen years."

Those interested in purchasing a copy should send names and addresses
to the editor of the District Mail. (This collection will be fourth
in the series of Publications of the Avram Davidson Society.)
Please do not send advance payment yet.

Further details will be available here or check the OLD EARTH BOOKS
website < > for updates.
OLD EARTH BOOKS, P.O. Box 19951, Baltimore, MD 21211-0951

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Avram as Writer-in-Residence at W&M was charming to all of the faculty who
chose to get to know him -- which means few. His creative writing students
found him an oddity, and most of them weren't prospects for the Bohemian
life-style despite being aspiring to write fiction while working in banking, law,
or the State Dept. I think Wallace Stevens was more their role model than
Avram, with his scruffiness and flea-biten dog. The one disciple he had
was a fascinating Vietnam vet who found him much more his psychic pal than
could be expected of the younger, less worldly -- let alone
unexposed-to-grisly-reality -- students. Glen found Avram's interweaving of
reality and sci-fi permutations of reality recognizable and therapeutic.

Affable and always generous of his talking time in cozy domestic
circumstances, Avram with dog was a fixture of conversational interest to
four or five faculty during his stay. Smart as hell, with a head and
stomach stuffed full of arcane bits of info--both real and imagined, I
suspect -- he was seemed a scruffy teddy-bear, sort of a lovable grandpa with
weird stories to tell.