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Vol. XIII No. 1

8 May 2010

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Published irregularly by whim and fancy for the Avram Davidson Society.
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New Avram Davidson Collection from PS Publishing

The Curiosities of Avram Davidson , edited by Grania Davis and
Henry Wessells, is currently in production with British specialist
publishers PS Publishing, with an expected publication date in mid-2011.
The collection will include previously unpublished fiction, uncollected
stories, selected non-fiction, and a few choice fragments from the Avram
Davidson Archives.
Further details, including the table of contents will be reported promptly by
the District Mail.

PS Publishing is based in Hornsea, north of the Humber River, in the
East Riding of Yorkshire. The PS Publishing website is:

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Avram Davidson Tribute Reading and Colloquium 6 November 2007

A well-attended Avram Davidson Tribute was held at the Melville Gallery,
South Street Seaport, in New York City, on 6 November 2007 as part of the
The New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series curated by
Jim Freund. The Davidson tribute was orchestrated from an internet café
in northeast Kathmandu by Davidson bibliographer and editor Henry Wessells,
author of Another green world (2003), who managed to return from Nepal in time
to lead the program in person. He gave a biographical overview and discussed
some of the reasons for his enduring interest in Davidson’s work.

David G. Hartwell, publisher of The New York Review of Science Fiction  and
one of Davidson’s editors, sent the following message:

Avram Davidson is a writer of clever and entertaining short fiction. Avram
Davidson produced a body of work that is deeply intelligent and satirically
resonant, steeped in researches that range far beyond the ordinary lives of
ordinary people into the alien lives of foreign cultures, present and historical.
Avram Davidson wrote novels of varying quality and impact that nevertheless
invariably reward the experienced reader with many pleasures page by page,
and very often sparkle with wit. Avram Davidson was a difficult man in life,
and a