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Vol. IV No. 1
8 May 1999
ISSN 1089-764X

Henry Wessells, Editor.
Cooper Wessells, Honorary Secretary.

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The inaugural meeting of the Avram Davidson Society was held in New York City on Friday, 23 April 1999 (the 76th anniversary of Avram's birth). Four directors of the Society met with others interested in Avram's life and work for a thoroughly enjoyable luncheon at the Zen Palate restaurant overlooking Union Square. We sat around the large round table long after all the other working stiffs had returned to their offices.
    The first Publication of the Avram Davidson Society, The Last Wizard with A Letter of Explanation, was unveiled at the luncheon and special presentation copies distributed to all who attended. (Details of the publication and how to order it are given below or at the Avram Davidson Website.)
    Conversation touched upon many subjects, including the past and current state of science fiction publishing, different phases of Avram's career, and future publishing projects of the Society. Members from Australia, England, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine and Vermont, who found themselves unable to attend, sent good wishes and words of praise for Avram's writings.
    We all agreed to make the meetings a regular thing : a second meeting will be held in New York City in September (details will be announced in a future issue of the District Mail). At the next meeting the board will discuss whether to publish the minutes of the inaugural meeting in the District Mail.
    A splendid time was had by all.

-- Henry Wessells

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The Last Wizard with A Letter of Explanation

The first Publication of the Avram Davidson Society, The Last Wizard with A Letter of Explanation by Avram Davidson, was published at the inaugural meeting of the Avram Davidson Society, in New York City on 23 April 1999.
    Copies were distributed to all present, and to a number of others whom geography prevented from attending.

Guy Davenport wrote from Lexington, Kentucky :

Avram's explanation is worthy of Bierce or Twain. Sarcasm as Samurai clean cut. Avram's ear was Mozartian! Cooler than Buster Keaton, his deadpan.
". . . and entertain at anniversaries, christenings, and bar mitsvahs" !
The hoariest of jokes, acting on misunderstood requests or instructions (e.g. the plot of "The Pirates of Penzance"). Trust Avram to transmute it into a diamond.

[Ed. note : that first paragraph is itself quite a diamond.]

The first printing of 125 numbered copies consisted of 20 presentation copies not for sale and copies numbered 21-125. This printing sold out upon publication.

A second printing of 125 copies, May 1999, is now available.

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