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8 December 2001

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The Other Nineteenth Century. A Story Collection by Avram Davidson.
Containing Startling Revelations of the Lives of Literary Persons ; also,
Truthful Accounts of Living Fossils, Montavarde's Camera, The Irradiodiffusion
Machine, and El Vilvoy de las Islas ; with Heinous Crimes, Noble Ladies
in Adversity, Brilliant Detections, Imperial Eunuchs, Political Machinations,
etc., etc.  Edited by Grania Davis and Henry Wessells. New York : Tor, 2001.
Dust jacket painting by Tom Kidd. ISBN 0-312-84874-9. $27.95

Avram Davidson once wrote that he "would give lots and lots to have poured
tea for Dr. Johnson." In his own science-fiction and fantasy writings, however,
he tended to favor a slightly later period, an alternate nineteenth century that he
marked as his own. Your editor is delighted to report publication of a new
volume of stories by Avram Davidson.

The table of contents includes:

O Brave Old World!
Great Is Diana
One Morning with Samuel, Dorothy, and William
Traveller from an Antique Land
The Man Who Saw the Elephant
Pebble in Time (with Cynthia Goldstone)
The Singular Incident of the Dog on the Beach
The Engine of Samoset Erastus Hale and One Other, Unknown
Buchanan's Head
The Odd Old Bird
The Deed of the Deft-Footed Dragon
The Montavarde Camera
What Strange Stars and Skies
The Lineaments of Gratified Desire
The Account of Mr. Ira Davidson
Dr. Bhumbo Singh
The Peninsula
Summon the Watch!
Dragon Skin Drum
El Vilvoy de las Islas
Mickelrede ; or, The Slayer and the Staff. A Ghost Novel (with Michael Swanwick)
Afterword by Grania Davis

Each of the stories includes a short postscript by Grania Davis, Henry Wessells, or George Scithers.

One of Davidson's chief talents was his ability to suggest a sense of history
in his tales or, more precisely, to evoke a sense of the many histories that
come together to create an event. Witty, digressive, and often surprising,
these stories are vintage uncollected Davidson. This volume does not, however,
contain all of the stories where the flavor of Davidson's other nineteenth
century predominates.  The Avram Davidson Treasury (Tor, 1998) includes
such classics as "The Affair at Lahore C