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The Avram Davidson Centenary : 23 April 2023

Signature of Avram Davidson(1923-1993) was author of nineteen published novels and more than two hundred short stories and essays collected in more than a dozen books, won the Hugo Award in science fiction, the Queen's Award and Edgar Award in the mystery genre, and the World Fantasy Award (three times). His writings defy genre stereotypes and are filled with wit, wonder, and the bizarre. Major works are the novels and stories of Vergil Magus, set in an alternate ancient Rome, including the long-awaited The Scarlet Fig ; the adventures of the learned Dr. Eszterhazy in a mythic southeastern European empire ; and the Jack Limekiller stories set in British Hidalgo. Davidson has been compared to short story writers such as Saki or John Collier or Isaac B. Singer (and many others), but he was truly a unique writer. The Avram Davidson Treasury, published by Tor Books in 1998 and now back in print from Or All the Seas with Oysters, collects many of his best stories and will reward new readers and long-time fans alike. Adventures in Unhistory (1993) is also well worth reading.
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