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Detailed List of Publications


  •  A Conversation larger than the Universe. Science Fiction and the Literature of the Fantastic 1762-2017. With a foreword by John Crowley. [forthcoming : The Grolier Club, January 2018].
  •  Extended Range; or, The Accession Label. With two original etchings by Judith Clute. [Temporary Culture, 17 December], 2015.
  •  The Private Life of Books. Poems by Henry Wessells. Photographs by Paul Schütze. Temporary Culture, [15 September] 2014.
  •  Against the art of war. Poems by Ernest Hilbert and Henry Wessells. Etchings by Judith Clute. Temporary Culture, [February] 2013.
  •  Davidson’s Homer. With a Note by Henry Wessells. Privately Printed, 2013
  •  Another green world (short story collection). Temporary Culture, [December] 2003.
  • Books (as editor)

  •  Donald Trump The Magazine of Poetry, November 2016.
  •  The Wailing of the Gaulish Dead by Avram Davidson. Preface by Eileen Gunn. The Nutmeg Point District Mail, 8 May 2013.
  •  James Cummins Bookseller. Catalogue 113. The Derrydale Press. Preface by Jed Lyons. Introduction by Nat Worden. James Cummins Bookseller, [September 2012].
  •  My Man and other Critical Fictions by Wendy Walker. [With an introduction by Henry Wessells]. Temporary Culture, [October] 2011.
  •  A Festschrift for David Hartwell on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday. Temporary Culture, 10 July 2011
  •  The Man with the Knives by Ellen Kushner. Art by Thomas Canty. Temporary Culture, [May] 2010.
  •  Hope-in-the-Mist. The Extraordinary Career and Mysterious Life of Hope Mirrlees by Michael Swanwick. Preface by Neil Gaiman. Frontispiece by Charles Vess. Temporary Culture, [July] 2009. Hugo Award finalist for best related work. E-book, 2016
  •  Annals of Collecting by Michael Zinman. 1. Lawrence’s Flag (2008). 2. Hard Times (2010). 3. Porky’s River Rats and Others of Their Ilk. The Framing of American Society through Its Social Constitutions (2011). 4. Gopher Soup (2012). 5. Pretty Women (2014). 6. What Does Richard Cheney Read? (2014). 7. I Like My Job. Cover title : Lust (2015). 8. The Good in People. Printing for the Blind (forthcoming, 2017). 9. Mennonite Oxymorons (forthcoming). 10. Have I Got a Deal for You (forthcoming).
  •  Forever Peace. To Stop War Etchings by Judith Clute. Poem by Joe Haldeman. Artist book: Temporary Culture, [October] 2008. Political pamphlet edition: Temporary Culture, November 2008.
  •  What Can Be Saved from the Wreckage ? James Branch Ca